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Signal Security Equipment for Railways

Signal Security Equipment is available as follows:

  • Lightsignals for road crossings with signal lampsΦ210 mm (kpl. with a concrete base),
  • Cable terminations,
  • Clamps for cable fixing on the sleeper,
  • Exchangers
  • Telephone Cabinets - TK,
  • Magnetic rail contacts and parts (relays),
  • Singleand double-track magnets 500Hz or 1000/2000Hz,complete with track magnet holders,
  • Guard for magnetic rail contacts and track magnets (UIC60, S49),
  • Signal relay and equipment for maintenance of the SlTEL 30 system (SpDrl - 30/60),
  • Telephone cabinets,
  • Telecommunication cabinets,
  • U-shaped nails with rubber protection,
  • Steel protective spirals for cable,
  • Ropes for insulated sections/Type AB;CD;EF,
  • Connection hooks for all types of rail,
  • Greases and high-pressure pumps for switch lubrication,
  • Bronze wires and parts for avalanche detectors,