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Our activities: representation and sale of security equipment, spare parts and components for railway infrastructure; cable accessories and equipment for uninterruptedenergy supply. 

In the area of railway infrastructure (safety signals, telecommunication) we supplyrailways in Slovenia, countries of the former Yugoslavia, and Turkey....

The company was founded in 1992.



Our product range includes signal security systems and equipment for the regular maintenance of railway traffic.We are the primary suppliers to the Slovenian railways, aswell as the business contractor for Slovenian railways - Siemens Slovenia, Eltez d.o.o. and manyothers. Over the last eight years we have been Q1 suppliers to the Slovenianrailway network.

We also supply the railways in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia with the same materials because they all use the same infrastructure.

Between 2004 and 2007 we were involved in the modernisation of the signal security system for the Bosnian railway network. The cost of the whole project was approximately 900,000.00 EUR.

AGENCIES (a selection)

GTB Bahntechnik (rail technology)(since 1999) - Track magnets 100/2000Hz, 500Hz, track magnetic holders etc.

DB Netz Wuppertal -Magnetic seemed contactsand relays,

KoRo-RIW/DURELL- Crane rails, clamps, crane rail pads, buffers, caps etc


CELLPACK (our first foreign partner)- Cast resin, shrink sleeves and  other cable accessories.



In co-operation with a specialist company, we produce signal relays that are sold in Slovenia and Croatia.

BVQI Certification ISO 9001:2000  
EAt the end of 1999 we were awarded an ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Thus confirming the quality of our products and services!